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Program Manager

Key Accomplishment

Built a high-performing department from the ground up.

YMCA of Greater Seattle

Building a Department 

As a new branch in the most culturally and socio-economically diverse community in the state, our leadership team faced the immense task of simultaneously implementing a comprehensive operations system while promoting our organization through targeted community outreach.

My role on the leadership team was to build and direct the Health and Well-Being department, the largest department in the branch.  This challenge included building a total performance system, hiring and developing  41 staff members,  designing all service offerings, leading several cross-functional project teams, and providing leadership to the entire branch.

Of my accomplishments with the Y, I am particularly proud of the high-performing department that continues to thrive despite my departure.  This is a testament to the outstanding team that joined me in creating a department that sought to be the best.

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